PoolParty CardSorting Glossary


Architect: the user who can setup a session, invite users, add concepts to taxonomy.

Accepted Concept: once the user agrees that the concept is suitable for the taxonomy, the Architect can accept it. Its colour changes and there is a green stripe. And it is moved to the Structure Phase.


Brainstorming Phase: one of the session phases.

Brainstorming Phase Canvas: it is the area where the concepts appear.


Card: this is the entity which identifies a key concept. We refer to cards in this documentation as concepts.

Concept: in PoolParty CardSorting these represent the key concept in a domain. These concepts become PoolParty concepts once they are moved into the PoolParty.


PoolParty CardSorting: it is online card sorting tool.

PoolParty CardSorting Session: it is made up of two phases where users come up with concepts which end up in the taxonomy. These two phase are the Brainstorming and Structure Phase. An Architect can reopen a closed session.

PoolParty Concept: it is a node in the PoolParty Taxonomy Hierarchy. Here it can be called card sometimes.


Suggested Concept: it is a concept in PoolParty CardSorting that has been accepted by the Architect. Suggested concepts become concepts in PoolParty once they are moved to PoolParty.

Structure Phase: it is one of the session phases.

Structure Phase Canvas: it is the area where the accepted concepts are.


User: it is someone who can define a concept and vote for it.