PoolParty's Main Menu

The following table lists all items of PoolParty's main menu:

Left-Hand Side Menu

Menu Item



(Click to access the About and Team submenu.)


Opens a window with basic information about PoolParty.


Here you can also find version and license information about your PoolParty server.


Opens a window listing all people involved in the development of PoolParty.


Create Project

Opens the Create Project dialogue.


The Create Project menu is only available to users who have the PoolPartyAdmin role.

Open Project

Opens the Open Project dialogue.

Recently Opened Projects

Displays a list of the ten projects that have been last opened.

Delete Project

Opens the Delete Project dialogue.


The Delete Project menu is only available to users who have the PoolPartyAdmin role.

Delete Current Project

Deletes the currently open project.


The Delete Current Project menu is only available to users who have the PoolPartyAdmin role.


Opens the Import Project or Concept Scheme dialogue.


Opens the Export Project dialogue.


Opens the Reports dialogue.

Close Project

Closes the currently open project.


Create Corpus

Opens the Create Corpus dialogue.

Refresh Extraction Model

Refresh the extraction model used for term extraction for this project.


Changes made to a project are only taken into account for term extraction after refreshing the extraction model.

Disambiguation Settings

Opens the Disambiguation Settings dialogue.


Translation Lists

Access existing Translation Lists of the project.

Quality Report

Starts the creation of a quality report for the project.

Advanced Search

Opens the Concept Search tab in the Concepts tab of an opened project.

Concept Index

Opens the Concept Index tab in the Concept tab of an opened project.

Terminology Import Assistant

Opens the Terminology Import Assistant.

Admin Scripts

(Only visible to users with Super Adminstration rights) Opens the SPARQL Shell interface.



Lets you switch between the Basic and Advanced view of the SKOS tab.

Collapse All

Collapses all open branches in the hierarchy tree.

Concept Index

Opens the concept index of your thesaurus.

Select Custom Scheme



The Advanced menu is only available to users who have the PoolPartyAdmin role.

Select Custom Scheme

Opens the Select Custom Scheme dialogue.


Opens the respective user's SKOS View settings dialogue.

Workflow Settings

Expands the Workflow Settings submenu.

In Scheme Settings

Expands the In Scheme Settings submenu.

SKOS-XL Settings

Expands the SKOS-XL submenu.

Linked Projects

Opens the Linked Projects dialogue.

Linked Data Administration

Opens the Linked Data Sources dialogue.

Quality Settings

Opens the Quality Settings dialogue.

Advanced URI Settings

Opens the Advanced URI settings dialogue.

System Settings

Opens the System Settings dialogue.

Right-Hand Side Menu

Menu Item


Remote Graph Database

On mouse over displays status information for the graph database of the project.

Frontend Selector

Click to access several frontend and interface functions, as the Linked Data Frontend, Corpus Search interface, etc.

Project Status

On mouse over displays latest project status.


Displays the name of the logged in user.

Edit my Settings

Opens the Edit User dialogue of the current user.


Opens the online help for this PoolParty version.


Logs you out of PoolParty.