PoolParty Plugin Development

As a middleware, PoolParty has an extensible architecture in its core, which offers potentials for users to develop plugins for PoolParty with custom features to fulfill their own business requirements.

Currently PoolParty supports the following two types of plugins:

  • Recommendation plugins for GraphSearch: GraphSearch allows a plugin to get access to search requests and search data and create search responses. One can develop custom search and recommendation logic against the search data based on certain rules and therefore add support to business logics not covered by standard search features.

  • Data Processing Units (DPUs) for UnifiedViews: As a data integration platform, UnifiedViews communicates with heterogenous source and destination data sources and performs user defined operations on data. The work is done by the minimal operational units as plugins to UnifiedViews, named as "Data Processing Unit" or "DPU". By default many plugins are provided as part of the standard distribution which covers the common use cases. But custom DPUs need to be developed when a use case is not covered by the standard DPUs.

More details can be found in the children pages.