The GraphSearch Interface Menu Elements

This section contains a short guide on the menu elements you see in the GraphSearch interface and their functions.


In order to be able to set up a Search Space properly, refer to this page, containing a short overview of steps: How to Set Up Search Types in GraphSearch

In this image you see the elements the default PoolParty GraphSearch graphical user interface provides when you first access it, showing a Search Space that has already been configured, search results in list view and an active facet filter. Details find below:



Hovering your mouse over the interface elements will bring up a short help text.


No. in the Image


Facets Pane and Search Space Selector


  • Choose between Search Spaces using the Selector, if you have configured more than one, to change the displayed search results.

  • In the Facets Pane select Entity types.

    • The available facets are based on the concept schemes of the PoolParty project you configured for the Search Space.

  • Additionally, the selection of individual Facets in the pane is possible. Click the Gear icon to expand a pane to select facets.



Search across the data by relations (facets) as well as full-text is available. The search offers autocomplete.

  • Example: Looking up a term like 'gin' would result in the list of results that are related to that term, as in the relations consists of, is part of and is used by.

    Thus results comprise concepts like 'Gin sour' or 'Gin Fizz'.

  • In the drop down beside the search field you can change the search language. Available languages here depend on the language configured in the custom scheme used for the Search Space.

Display Settings - Export Search Results - User Settings icons


  • Change Display Settings so you can also hide search results.

  • Export Search Results as an Excel file.

  • The User Settings icon which lets you access the Admin Dashboard, the GraphSearch API and contains the option to log out.

Filter Bar


The Filter Bar will display the facet filters you selected, if any, and the Clear Filters button.

Search Result Pane - Switch Views: Grid, List, Details


  • Four icons in the top-right hand corner, three of them offering similar functions to window controls (minimize, maximize, close).

  • The fourth icon lets you change the result views, three modes are available: Grid view, List view and Details view.

Pagination Controls


  • At the bottom of the search results pane you find the pagination controls. You can configure the number of results per page, or select a particular page to jump to.

Search Results - List Item - Document Options Menu


  • Hover your mouse over the row's end of an entry to bring up the Document Options Menu. Click it to open a detailed information dialogue for that list item.

    • If you configured a recommender and /or similarity plugin, you will see their search results in that dialogue too.

Use the GraphSearch Admin Dashboard to configure Search Spaces.

Charts in the Interface

  • You can also configure Visualization charts (pie, column and column 2D) for your data, and if your Search Space is set up accordingly, you will see them in the top area of the interface (1).

  • You can open the above mentioned detailed view of a search result item here as well, by clicking its image or tile, if no image is available (2).

GraphSearch Search Item - Details Dialogue

In this section you find a short guide on the details dialogue of a search result item in PoolParty's GraphSearch interface.

How to Access the Details Dialogue of a GraphSearch Search Result Item

You can access the dialogue for any search result item in two ways.

First, use the Toggle View Mode icon to switch to List view (1):

  • In the List view of the results, find the Document Options menu, click it to display the Show details button (2) and click that for the Details Dialogue.

  • Click the result tile displayed in the Grid view of the search result list (3).


Available Options in the GraphSearch Details Dialogue

This is an example of the Details Dialogue, find the description of available options below:



No. in the Image


Dialogue Title Bar


Click this bar displaying the item's name to open the PoolParty Linked Data Frontend for this item's entry, in this case a cocktail.

Description field


The description that is part of this item's data, also visible in the concept's Details View of the project used for this Search Space.

Facet entries


A list of facets used in this Search Space.

They are determined by relations of the respective custom scheme. You can expand them by using the Arrow icon behind each facet's entry.

See Also


Similarities display. If a similarity plugin has been configured for the Search Space, you will see the similarities for this item being displayed here.



Recommender results. If you configured a recommender plugin for this Search Space, its results will be visible here. In this case no plugin is present.



Determine the number of similar items by clicking the arrow and selecting a predefined number from the menu.