DPU Configuration - Migration - Versioning

This section contains a short guide on DPUs and their configuration


Basically every DPU has some sort of configuration. For example in case of a file extractor, the configuration may consist of a path to the file being extracted.

UnifiedViews represents configuration as a string. The string is passed to the DPU to configure itself before its execution, and can be modified by the DPU's configuration dialog.

Unfortunately, a string is not the best option to represent complex configurations with many options. To tackle this issue UnifiedViews provides a way to use simple Java classes as a configuration. So instead of working with a string, a DPU can simply utilize a user defined Java class as a configuration object.


During DPU development the requirements and thus the configuration might change. In case of adding new configuration options, this can be easily added to the configuration, however in case of more complex changes there may arise need for new versions of whole configuration objects.

Such complex changes could be:Listis used instead ofMap, string options are replaced with Boolean, or several options are aggregated into one.


UnifiedViews' helpers provide support for configuration versioning out of the box. The basic idea is that older versions provide functions, that enable their conversion to newer configuration objects. Helpers then make sure that any older version of configuration is converted to the latest version prior to its use .