Define a URI Pattern for Concepts in a Concept Scheme

This section contains a guide on how to edit the default URI pattern for a concept scheme in its Details View.

Prerequisites for URI Definition

You need PoolPartySuper Admin or PoolPartyAdmin permissions to be able to see and edit the URI Pattern.

Enable the Advanced view in the SKOS View field, which you can do depending on the user permissions. Details find here: Access to User Settings for PoolParty Users


In order to change these settings for all resources of the type concept scheme or top concept on project level, use the Advanced URI Settings .

URI Pattern Scheme

The following rules apply for URI patterns in PoolParty:

  • You can define a URI pattern based on the baseURL, an identifier where the identifier may include slashes.

  • The identifier for classes, resources and attributes can be defined individually and may include slashes.

    That way patterns such as these are possible, for example:

    • projects: http://<projectbaseURL>/ns/project/<conceptID>

Edit the URI Pattern for a Concept in a Concept Scheme

To edit the URI pattern, the following two options are available:

  • Use the Details View of the concept, then use the Edit icon in the URI Pattern box.

  • Use the Details View, then click the Edit icon beside the URI link at the top of the Details View.

Edit the URI Pattern in the URI Pattern Box
  1. Open a PoolParty project, click the top concept or the concept node you want to edit.

  2. In the details view on the right find the Metadata tab.

  3. In the URI Pattern box, click the Edit icon to edit the pattern.

  4. The URI Pattern dialogue opens, edit the URI pattern according to your needs and the rules stated above.

    • In this dialogue, Base URL just displays the concept's base URL you cannot change.

  5. Use the Scheme Identifier field to edit the URI pattern for this concept or concept scheme.

  6. Change the ID generation method in the ID Generation drop down, if necessary.

    Details on the available ID generation options find here: Advanced Project Settings


The identifier is not applied to already existing concepts in the concept scheme.

The URI also will not be changed when you move the concept to a different concept scheme.