PoolParty Data Validator

Guide on the usage and result handling of the Data Validator to check and repair issues both for RDF and tabular import.

The PoolParty Data Validator performs various checks on PoolParty data. It is available for every import ofRDForTabular Table, Excel Sheet or CSV Filedata, if you activate the corresponding checkbox during import. The data that the Data Validator checks has to be stored in a separate step in the project. Until that time the data will be available in the Data Validator. Other changes to the project are not possible as long as the data has not been stored.

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Prerequisites for Using the Data Validator

  • An opened PoolParty project.

  • A started RDF or Tabular data import.

  • Make sure to set the check mark for Data Validator in the import dialogue for RDF and Excel data (checked by default).

Access the PoolParty Data Validator

To access the Data Validator, in your opened PoolParty project, follow these steps:

  1. In the projects Details View click Quality Management.

  2. Select the Data Validator.

  3. Click Start in Validate Your Existing Project Data.

The Data Validator offers a number of functions. A description of the functions you can find below.


After you have started the validation process, additional information will be displayed and additional functionality will be available.


Data Validator Functions


Clicking this button triggers the checks done by the Data Validator. The Data Validator checks for:

  • Data compliance to RDF and SKOS standards.

  • Compliance to PoolParty Semantic Suite's standards.

  • Excel data compliance to the PoolParty Excel format.


Using this button will display a dialogue window with a progress bar for the check's status.


You can save the imported and repaired data.


After you have repaired or deleted all affected data, you can save it.


Be aware that you cannot make any changes to your project (e.g. SKOS conversions, concept linking), if you are using the Data Validator and have not finalized the import or saved the data changes. PoolParty displays an error message then.


For details on how to repair data refer to: Data Validator - Results and Repair Functions