Linked Data Enrichment with PoolParty

This section provides an introduction and guides about what enriching your data means and how you can do it easily and fast in PoolParty.

Driven by the Linked Data initiative more and more viable data sets about various topics have been published on the Semantic Web. Using these resources online, many of them free, you can easily and fast enrich your thesaurus with more data.

PoolParty is stable and fast, at the same time easy to use for linking your thesaurus to different data sources. Additionally the PoolParty Linked Data framework allows you to integrate new sources just as easy.

Using the Linked Data Administration you can select which linked data sources should be available for a project. As soon as the sources have been defined for the project you can link the concepts of your project to resources from the selected linked data sources.

Details about the enriching of data with PoolParty find in these topics: