How can I populate my taxonomy with external data, provided by client applications or external resources?

  • Identification of frequently used terms in a reference document corpus not used in the thesaurus yet via gap-analysis (provided by PPX)

  • Suggest new labels and concepts via Free Concepts Suggestion API

  • Import of Excel tables and CSV files via PoolParty import feature

  • auto-populate of concepts (from DBpedia and other LOD sources) with built-in or external SKOSsy service

  • Sychronization with external sources (e.g. DBMS) can be done via the SPARQL Update API

  • UltraWrap or D2R to align and integrate PoolParty thesauri with relational databases (Oracle, Postgres, MS-SQL)

  • Scrapy to enrich taxonomies with terms and phrases from HTML-websites

  • In addition, third-party tools like Open Refine or several Java-parsers which we have developed are frequently used by ourselves or our clients to generate lists and SKOS-files from Excel/XML/Database dumps to be imported into PoolParty Thesaurus Server

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

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