What requirements must a thesaurus meet to be imported correctly into PoolParty?

If you want to create a PoolParty ready thesaurus with another tool (e.g. Google Refine) or with SPARQL construct queries, you have to follow the instructions:

  1. SKOS Namespace http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core# must be used

  2. There must be at least one resource of type skos:ConceptScheme

    This ConceptScheme must be connected to its top concepts via the skos:hasTopConcept relation. It must have its name denoted with dcterms:title. The title must have a language tag in the language that is defined as default language.

  3. There must be resources of type skos:Concept. These must have at least a skos:prefLabel. Language tags should be denoted for each label (otherwise default language of project will be assumed)

  4. Every SKOS relation must be stated in both direction, i.e. when the following is present: Concept_A skos:narrower Concept_B there must also explicity be stated that Concept_B skos:broader Concept_A.

    The same goes for skos:related and skos:topConceptOf / skos:hasTopConcept