Invite Users to a CardSorting Session

An Architect can invite a User to a PoolParty CardSorting Session. A User can only attend a PoolParty CardSorting Session if they are invited. To invite a User, do the following:

  1. Go to the Session Screen and click on the Edit sign.


    The Users in ... dialog opens.

  2. Open the Existing Users dropdown list and select a User to invite. Or fill in the name and email fields manually to invite a user, that is not in PoolParty CardSorting yet.

  3. Click Invite/Add. PoolParty CardSorting adds the new User to the session. The User who is in PoolParty CardSorting receives an email to verify the email address and to login. The User is able to join the PoolParty CardSorting Session by clicking on the name of the session.