PoolParty UnifiedViews - Overview

PoolParty UnifiedViews (UV) is part of the PoolParty Semantic Integrator. In the Semantic Suite architecture defined for PoolParty it is situated in that structure in the middleware layer (1), to make clear that its data integration function is crucial to the special Semantic Integrator Server functionalities. You will use it to analyse and integrate your diverse data sources. Analysis such as tagging, will be done using PoolParty Extractor, but UnifiedViews is used to map the different data types and connect them in a knowledge graph. After integrating the data, you store it and use it in your end application.

It is a so-called ETL tool, referring to the tasks you can perform with it, namely extract, transform and load data from and into databases, especially connected with one or more PoolParty instances.

You can integrate a number of data types with PoolParty, using UnifiedViews, such as CSV, JSON, XML, and relational tables.

It provides a graphical interface for Data Processing Units (DPUs) for use with PoolParty. The processes you can develop as pipelines let you perform batch actions, data transformations, extraction and uploading to databases.

UnifiedViews' graphical interface as a canvas makes it easy and practically intuitive to monitor, create and develop the processing tasks for your application.

It also provides ready-made templates for you to reuse or customize.

This section provides an overview and instruction manual on UnifiedViews and its usage.


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