Restore Projects from a Snapshot

When a project is opened, a check is made whether the data in the project is valid.

If any changes in the data compared to the last status (status at last logout) is detected, PoolParty assumes that there is something wrong.

A message is displayed and a control snapshot is created (suffix .ctrl) and stored in the snaphshot folder.


In such a case the autosave mechanism of PoolParty is disabled so that the automatically generated snapshots of a project are not overwritten with outdated or corrupt data.

Via the Snapshot Dashboard you can restore a project from a snapshot with the correct data or trigger a manual snapshot if your data is OK.

How to Check the Validity of Your Data:

  1. Compare the last snapshot against the control snapshot to see what changed.

    • Also checking the log file at the time the two snapshots have been created can provide information on what has happened.

    • See chapter PoolParty Directory Structure to find the log file and snapshots or contact your system administrator to do it.

  2. To trigger the snapshot process again you have the following options:

    • Create a manual snapshot (if you are absolutely sure your repository is OK)

    • Choose the snapshot (by date or by checking the file or by importing snapshots in a test project and examining the data) and click the Restore icon. (1)


A new snapshot is displayed in the list of available snapshots created by a user named 'restored'. (1) To delete the snapshot, use the Delete icon (2).



When you restore a project in the Snapshot Dashboard, you have to reload the project in the PoolParty Backend to refresh the tree view and see the changes.