PoolParty GraphSearch Plugin Development

This chapter introduces the development of GraphSearch plugins for custom document or resource recommendation.

GraphSearch offers a similarity search capability. Given a resource as input, GraphSearch can suggest similar resources based on the characteristics they share in common. Starting from GraphSearch 7.1, this feature is refactored via a plugin architecture as an extension, allowing development of custom plugins for general purpose recommendation. Correspondingly, new APIs have been implemented to invoke plugin enabled features, which can be used for integration.

GraphSearch can operate with both RDF databases and indexing servers like Solr and Elasticsearch as storage and search backends. Before GraphSearch 8.0, plugins can only be developed for and deployed to search spaces with RDF database backend. Since GraphSearch 8.0, this support is also extended to search spaces with Solr or Elasticsearch backend. Last but not least, more contextual information about the search request is provided as input to the plugin for better customization.

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