Import an Ontology or Custom Scheme

This section provides a short guide on how to import ontologies or custom schemes.

You can import ontologies and custom schemes from files in supported RDF serialization formats. Additionally, you can import already published custom schemes and ontologies using the PoolParty Linked Data Frontend.

The following description shows how to import an ontology. The steps described here are the same for custom schemes, after you have accessed theschemesnode.

  1. Open the Ontology Management by clicking its icon in the toolbar. The node Ontologies is active by default.

  2. On the right in the Details View, click Import Ontology.

    Alternatively you can right click the Ontologies or Custom Ontologies nodeand select New Ontology in the context menu.

  3. The Import Ontology dialogue opens.

  4. Select one of the tabs, depending on the import you want to execute:

    • Import Ontology lets you import files of all formats PoolParty supports.

    • Retrieve from URL: any ontology on another PoolParty instance that you have published via the Linked Data Frontend, you can retrieve here, by entering its URL.

  5. Click Import to import the ontology.

  6. The Edit Ontology dialog, Languages tab opens. Select a language.


    You can also choose the user group in the User Groups tab.



You can find the URL of a ontology or custom scheme below the title in its Details View.