PoolParty Notifications - Overview

PoolParty Notifications let you easily set up notifications triggered when changes happen in a project.

You can define regular intervals or let them be sent at once for any change action. The Notifications feature allows to send webhook notifications to receiving systems.

Based on an API you configured in the Semantic Middleware Configurator, the webhook callbacks will be sent to that API.

That way you can trigger different actions in connected systems, for example:

  • implement an API solution for triggering emails based on the PoolParty webhook callbacks.

  • refresh the extraction model for your taxonomy when changes happen.

  • trigger synchronization of the taxonomy to other systems.


The PoolParty Notifications Dashboard is available from PoolParty Enterprise Server. It is project dependent so the icon in the toolbar will be displayed, when a project is open.

A user needs at least the PoolPartyAdmin role to access the dashboard.

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