Create a SKOS-XL Label

This section contains a short guide on how to create a SKOS-XL label from the SKOS-XL label Overview.

Apart from converting concept labels of an existing concept, you can create SKOS-XL labels using the list's node.


  • The SKOS-XL add-on is licensed and enabled.

  • An opened PoolParty project.

How to Create a SKOS-XL Label

You have two options to create a SKOS-XL label:

Convert an Existing Preferred Label of a Concept to a SKOS-XL Label

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a concept by clicking on it in the Hierarchy Tree.

  2. In the Details View on the right the SKOS tab at this point will be open by default.

  3. Click the Edit icon beside the concept's Preferred Label, click on it to open the Edit Preferred Label dialogue.

  4. A new dialogue will open, which shows the name of the label, and the buttons OK, Convert to SKOS-XL and Cancel.

    • If the label is already a SKOS-XL label, the button Convert to SKOS-XL will not be available.


Create a SKOS-XL Label From the Context Menu in the SKOS-XL Label List

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Hierarchy Tree find the node for the SKOS-XL label list. Right-click the node, select Create SKOS-XL Label.

  2. The dialogue Create SKOS-XL Label opens.

  3. Enter the label's name in the Literal Form field, for example 'Veneziano'.

  4. From the drop down use the language the label should belong to. (Available languages depend on the project's language settings.)

    • Click Save to save the new label.