Control PoolParty Using Tomcat Service Application (Windows)

Apache Tomcat is part of the default installation of PoolParty and will be installed as server by default during a PoolParty installation, if not installed already.

Use the service application to configure, start and stop PoolParty's server.

How to Configure and Use the Tomcat Service Application

Follow these steps:

  1. To stop and start the Tomcat service application find it in the bin-directory of your Apache Tomcat installation (tomcat7w.exe), the default path being:

    C:/Programs/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 7.0/bin

  2. Start the tomcat7w.exe application with administrator privileges.

  3. Start and stop Tomcat and thus PoolParty via the respective buttons in the General tab of the application.


If Automatic is selected for the Startup type parameter as shown in the screenshot below, the Apache Tomcat service and PoolParty will automatically start once Windows has finished booting.

Additional information about the added services on Windows find here: PoolParty's Windows Services.