The Metadata Tab of a PoolParty Project

This section contains a short guide on the Metadata tab inside the Metadata & Statistics tab of the Details View of a PoolParty project.

The Metadata tab consists of two main parts:



Displaying metadata for this project like title, subject, creation date, creator etc. You can edit parts of the project's metadata by clicking the Edit icon.


Displaying the project settings:

  • Languages

  • Displaying the languages of the project defined when creating the project.

  • Workflow

  • Displays if the workflow function in PoolParty is enabled.

  • Quality Setting

  • Displaying the quality settings for your project used for generating quality reports. You can edit the setting clicking the Edit icon.

  • User Groups

  • Displaying the groups the project belongs to. You can edit the project's group membership by clicking the Edit icon.

  • URI Generation

  • Displaying the URI generation pattern defined when creating the project.

  • Repository Type

  • Displaying the repository type defined when creating the project.

  • Project Version

  • Shows the version of PoolParty the project has been created for. If the project was created on a previous version, you will also see a message to the effect that it has not been migrated yet.


The project metadata is stored in a separate graph following the VoID (Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets) schema.

In addition project data can be provided in the ADMS (Asset Description Metadata Schema) schema defined by the EU.