PoolParty UnifiedViews DPU Development

This section provides a detailed guide on how to create Data Processing Units (DPUs) for UnifiedViews.

In UnifiedViews, the smallest element you can use to process your data is the Data Processing Unit or DPU. They represent the plugins in UnifiedViews terms. They are used to create the data processing pipelines in UnifiedViews you can also use via the REST API.

DPUs and their smallest developing units, the Data Units are stored and configured in the RDF data format, in a graph database.

This chapter is dedicated to explaining basic concepts and the creation of DPUs for developers.


Tutorials for Creation of DPUs for UnifiedViews

Find the tutorials for DPU creation in this chapter: Developing DPUs in PoolParty UnifiedViews

The following topics will help you to create your own DPUs: