Deploy a GraphSearch Plugin

This section explains how to deploy a GraphSearch plugin.

GraphSearch implements a light-weight plugin architecture. By default, it loads all jars under the PoolParty plugin directory to the class path at startup which exposes all classes at runtime. The activation of plugins are implemented inside the plugin logic so there is no other deployment configuration necessary. The deployment requires collaboration with IT support due to the need of access to infrastructure .

Plugins need to be compiled and packaged as jars. There is no special build configuration. We assume that Maven is used as a build tool and the project configuration file pom.xml is created from Archetype as introduced in Create a new GraphSearch Plugin.

To deploy:

  1. Create a jar by running the following command at the project root directory:

    mvn clean package

    This process requires JDK 11. For other build tools, execute similar building process.

  2. Place the generated jar in the PoolParty plugin directory ${poolparty.root}/config/plugins/ . You need to restart PoolParty. The installation root directory depends on the actual configuration. For more information, see: PoolParty Directory Structure.