PoolParty API - How to Use Versions

This section contains a short guide on how to use PoolParty's API versions.

As of PoolParty 6.1, the PoolParty APIs are versioned in accordance to major releases of PoolParty. Thus the API release with PoolParty 6.1 received the version number 6.1 as well.

You can therefore use previous versions of API calls. This holds true for all PoolParty APIs, PoolParty Thesaurus API, the GraphSearch API and the Extractor API.

In order to use a particular API version you have to insert the proper version close to the /api element of each API's calls, like this:

  • PoolParty Thesaurus API: https://{server}/api/{version}

  • PoolParty GraphSearch API: https://{server}/GraphSearch/{version}/api

  • PoolParty Extractor API: https://{server}/extractor/{version}/api


For internal reasons the position of the version number in each API varies. Take care to use them in each case in the correct position.


  • A GraphSearch API call without version would look like this: https://{server}/GraphSearch/api/content/create

  • A versioned Extractor API call would look like this: https://{server}/extractor/7.0/api/annotate/store


If you do not specify a particular version of the API in your call's URL, the latest version will be used per default.