PoolParty's SPARQL Endpoint

PoolParty is offering its functionality as interfaces and web services to be used by various clients. In this chapter we give you basic information on the SPARQL endpoint available for each PoolParty project and information on how to use the SPAQRL endpoint as http webservices or how to create custom reports with the SPARQL endpoint. The SPARQL enpoint for each project is available at the following URL:


SPARQL endpoints provide a programmatic interface to query RDF data from a server using the standardized query language SPARQL. For every project in PoolParty a SPARQL endpoint is available.

The SPARQL endpoint can be accessed via basic authentication by any user created in PoolParty. Users will only be able to access projects they have access rights for.

For every project in PoolParty the SPARQL endpoint can be made public by assigning the user group "Public" to the project. Via the SPARQL endpoint all RDF data of a project can be accessed.


For developers who are not familiar with SPARQL:

It is similar to a public endpoint of a database where you can perform your own SELECT queries (over multiple tables even) instead of having to learn and use the - often restrictive - web service APIs. All you really need to know is the query language (SPARQL) and the schema of the data (e.g. SKOS).

In this section you find information on the following aspects of the SPARQL endpoint:

You might also be interested to see how the SPARQL enpoint can be used as a http webservice or how to create custom reports with the SPQRQL endpoint.