Searching for Concepts

To find a concept quickly within an opened project, begin to enter a search string in the search bar. The system will look for concepts that contain that string in any label (also in alternative labels etc.) and will suggest matching ones. The example displayed in the image below shows that four concepts were found when 'brandy' was entered as a search string. Results are shown for all possible elements, which can be a label or a concept or a class in your thesaurus. Selecting a concept from the drop-down list presented by autocomplete will expand the containing branch of the Hierarchy Tree and also will display the concept's Details View .



To search for results starting with the search string use ^ (e.g. "^brandy") to search for results ending with the search string use $ (e.g. "beverages$")

Alternatively it is possible to hit the Enter key after having entered a search string. In that case a search is done in the project and a list of all concepts in which the search string matches a preferred, alternative or hidden label is displayed in the Advanced Searchtab of the project node. Via the filter section you can filter the list by label (all (default), only preferred, only alternative, only hidden). Here you can also determine whether the search string should be at the beginning of the concept label or should only contain it, and also if it should not be contained by any label at all.



Per default, autocomplete and concept search only searches for labels in the default language of the project. Via Options > Autocomplete Language you can select the language of the project used for autocomplete. The active language is displayed in the search bar on the left.

Autocomplete starts searching for concepts after typing at least three characters!