The PoolParty GraphSearch - Overview

PoolParty offers a facetted search application making it possible to provide insight into tagged documents and knowledge graphs, using the provided default graphical user interface or the GraphSearch API.

You can configure it with a couple of clicks after you have set up your PoolParty thesaurus and custom schemes. Thus the GraphSearch interface lets you quickly try your data in a ready-to-use search application. It helps you also to check on the validity of the knowledge graph you created, your thesauri and custom schemes, since the faceted search and the results are displayed based on them, fetching data from the databases you used for storage and configured here.

Using the API allows integration of PoolParty GraphSearch into your existing search applications or build your own search interface on top.

PoolParty GraphSearch can use Solr, ElasticSearch or a graph database as a search index.

Additionally, you can build a recommender and similarity plugin with our Java-based templates. Our consultants will provide templates on request for you to adapt to your needs.

Countless use cases can be supported by GraphSearch by configuring search data and facet definitions. In this section several typical types of use cases are summarized and demonstrated with some simple examples, which shall help you to extend them to other use cases in your enterprise environment.


Find the following topics in this section:

Details about the GraphSearch API functionality find here: GraphSearch API

We provide two use case examples in the PoolParty Semantic Suite download section, find them also here:

  • Use Case: PoolParty GraphSearch with a Recommendation System

  • Use Case: HR Knowledge Discover