Controlling PoolParty (Linux)

You can control your PoolParty instance by means of the main control script located at /opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty.

It is very straightforward to use:

  1. Log in to a shell on the PoolParty host, for example by using SSH.

  2. If necessary, assume the identity of the root user:

    sudo -i
  3. Enter the command for the action you want to be performed, for example for starting PoolParty:

    /opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty start


PoolParty's built-in Solr server will be automatically stopped and started via the control script. This behaviour is controlled via the respective setting in the poolparty.conf file.

Supported Commands and Operations

The following commands can be processed:

  • start

    Starts the PoolParty server.

  • restart

    Restarts the PoolParty server.

  • stop

    Stops the PoolParty server safely.

  • kill

    Tries to stop the PoolParty server if the stop command does not work.

  • statusChecks if the PoolParty server is running

  • reset-semaphoreClears the semaphore lock if it has not been done properly by shutdown or when killing the PoolParty server.

You can also hook this script into your system's init sequence in order to be executed after it finished booting up to start PoolParty automatically.

Exit Status

In case the PoolParty control script exits with a non-zero exit status, the following table can help determine the underlying cause of the problem:

Exit Status

Meaning / Cause


Success - no errors to report.


Runtime error caused by failure of an internal check or sub-command.


Runtime error caused by failure of an external command (e. g., the tar program exiting abnormally due to a permission problem, etc.)


Runtime error caused by an unexpected external condition (e. g., catching a fatal signal, or not being able to read a vital state file, etc.)


Configuration error (e. g., a required external program is not installed on the PoolParty host)


The PoolParty control script has detected an internal error or bug.


Since PoolParty release 3.1.0, the PoolParty control script features a 'debugging' mode which will produce extensive and detailed output of the actions it performs at runtime.

In order to turn on debugging, invoke the PoolParty control script with an environment variable named DEBUG set to (at least) the integer value of 2:

DEBUG=2 /opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty start