Quality Management in PoolParty

qSKOS has been integrated as a suite for detecting quality issues in vocabularies imported into or created with PoolParty. qSKOS is also the basis for the PoolParty SKOS Quality Checker, an online service that lets you check your vocabularies and provides a detailed report with potential quality issues in your vocabularies. qSKOS offers 27 checks for potential quality issues in SKOS vocabularies. The following checks are integrated in PoolParty:

  • SKOS Semi-Formal Consistency Issues

    • Inconsistent preferred labels

    • Relation clashes

    • Non-Disjoint Labels

    Labeling and documentation issues

    • Same label for different concepts (Overlapping labels)

    • Omitted or invalid language tags

  • Structural issues

    • Hierarchical cycles

    • No broader and not top concept*

    • Valueless associative relations

*this check has no direct relation to a check in qSKOS. It checks for concepts that have no broader concept and are not a top concept and by that not part of the hierarchy.

In this chapter the quality management in PoolParty is described: