Can I undo changes in my thesaurus? How can I revert to one of the previous versions?

In PoolParty, you can save your data by creating snapshots.

There are automatically generated snapshots that are triggered in a defined time interval. In addition, it is possible to create snapshots manually. This has the advantage that you can define a specific state of your data, adding a useful note that explains the reason for triggering the snapshot. For example, when you do an import or you modify data with a SPARQL update query and you want to make sure that your data is saved, you should use the manual snapshot functionality. In case your data manipulation was not successful you can simply restore your data by restoring the snapshot.

Please note that only a limited number of automatic snapshots is stored. When the limit is reached, the oldest automatic snapshot will be deleted to save hard disk resources. In contrast, manual snapshots are kept and only the user can delete them manually in The Snapshot Dashboard.