Encryption Handling in PoolParty

PoolParty uses state-of-the-art encryption methods based on Oracle Java and the random salt key value generation.

The following provides a summary of steps you should take and/or settings you should change to make sure that the best possible encryption level is in place.

PoolParty Properties File Settings

Add the following lines to your poolparty.properties file:

encryption.salt=<default, will be set by installer>


You can use an encryption key strength of 256 if you have the Oracle Java Cryptography Extension installed. Otherwise the default setting of 128 will be used.

Oracle Java Cryptography Extension

To install the Oracle Java Cryptopgraphy Extension, download it from Oracles Site.

  • Unpack the .zip file.

  • Inside you find two .jar files. Place the two files into these folders on Linux or Windows respectively:

    • Linux: <java-home>/lib/security

    • Windows: <java-home>\lib\security