Thesaurus & Ontology Manager API

The PoolParty API offers a light weight API for accessing and editing data of a PoolParty server.

Integration with downstream applications is made easy by the provided RESTful services that use of JSON format for communication.

The API services makes life easier because it encapsulates typical queries and functionalities that would require specific SPARQL queries instead. For more details see: PoolParty's SPARQL Endpoint

Using writing API services (e.g. Web Service Method: Create New Concept, Web Service Method: Add Literal to a Concept or Concept Scheme, etc.) generate entries in PoolParty History.

The API is available using the following URL pattern:


<host> and <port> depend on where your instance of PoolParty is running.

The API endpoint can be accessed via basic authentication by any user created in PoolParty. Users will only be able to access projects they have access rights for. You can also set up users that are only allowed to access the API.

The documentation is divided into the following parts:


Services related to PoolParty Extractor are described here: Entity Extractor APIs

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

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