The Linked Data Frontend (RESTful)

PoolParty's Linked Data frontend can be used as a simple REST web service. It provides a resource oriented view of PoolParty data conforming to the LOD specification. URIs should not change and be hackable which means, human readable.

Therefore they follow a common pattern:

  • http:// <base-URI>/<project-ID>/<resource-ID> <? optional query string parameters>

base-URI ... represents the base-URI defined for the project e.g.

project-ID ... represents the project identifier defined for the project e.g. semweb

resource-ID ... represents the unique identifier defined for the resource

Example URI

Details Common Across All Services

Basic ideas:

  • use a URI to reference a resource

  • have the client redirected to a PoolParty server providing access to this resource

  • follow REST principles and apply HTTP methods to read (and possibly alter) the resource

  • request service answers in your desired format and language by using HTTP headers appropriately

  • if HTTP means cannot be used because of client/network limitations, you may use explicit parameters to override

  • there are even more parameters to control the result sets

  • HTTP status codes keep the client informed about the outcome

  • be fault tolerant wherever possible and assume senseful default values on missing parameters