Categorize Concepts

In order to categorize you concepts using the Autopopulate function in PoolParty open the Categorization dialogue.

  • Right-click a concept and select Categorize in the context menu. The dialogue opens.

  • It opens the Categorization dialogue. The list is based on the concept labels.

    • You can also search for categories if the correct one is not displayed in the list of results.

  • Select a category for your concept and click Save if you want to categorize other concepts.

    • Select Link Type

      Defines the mapping type used for the linking of your newly created concepts to the corresponding DBpedia resources or categories from which it was derived. The following mappings are available:

      • exactMatch (skos:exactMatch, Default)

      • seeAlso (rdfs:seeAlso)

      • sameAs (owl:sameAs)

  • Click Autopopulate if you want to jump directly to the Autopopulate dialogue.