Export an Excel Sheet from PoolParty

The section contains the necessary steps you have to follow to export an Excel file.

Excel Export Function - Rules

Take the following rules into account when using the PoolParty Excel export function:

  • The exported files will comply to the PoolParty Excel format.

  • The Excel export option is available on all levels of a project: You can export the whole project, a custom scheme or a subtree.

  • Data is always exported in the default language of the project.

  • For multilingual projects the additional languages can be selected in the respective field.

How to Export to Excel Sheets

You have to follow the steps below in order to export data. The output will be an Excel file with an .xls or .xlsx extension.

  1. Open your project in PoolParty.

  2. Select the tree level you want to export: The first node, a custom scheme, a top concept or a concept.

  3. Click Project in the main menu, to expand it.

  4. Select Export, in the submenu select Excel Project Export.

    • When exporting from a subtree entry, the submenu will be called Excel Subtree Export .

  5. A new dialogue will open displaying a list of available languages.

  6. Select the languages you want to export in addition to the default one.

    • Multi-select languages by using the Ctrl or the Shift keys.

  7. When you click Export, PoolParty takes a moment to collect data, then the default Save Asdialogue of the browser you are using will let you choose a location to save the file.

Example - Excel Export Result:












Apéritif and digestif


Spritz Veneziano


Wine Cocktail

Cocktails with wine

Cocktails mit Wein

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

(Duration: 7m55s)