Unified Views - Data Processing Units (DPUs)

PoolParty UnifiedViews can be considered as platform as a service (PaaS). It provides you with a software infrastructure to execute generic computing tasks, but the tasks have to be developed in the platform to define and perform the concrete processing logics. These logics are wrapped into Data Processing Units (DPUs) as plugins for UnifiedViews.

So far we have identified many commonly seen use cases and correspondingly developed a bunch of DPUs to handle different requirements, including RDF data processing, relational and tabular data processing, semi-structured and unstructured data processing, integration with data sources, and more.

The DPUs are distributed with PoolParty UnifiedViews as presets, so that you can directly start to integrate out of the box, without developing new plugins for every task.

This section contains the following topics covering the DPU types UnifiedViews offers: