Workflow in Action

The Workflow Process

This example shows the workflow process based on two users with different roles:

  • PoolPartyUser

  • PoolPartyAdmin

Step 1: Editing

If the workflow is activated, after you have edited a concept its status changes to 'Draft'. Draft concepts are marked with an exclamation mark icon in the Hierarchy Tree:

Step 2: Assignment

A PoolPartyUser can assign concepts in status 'Draft' either to:

  • another PoolPartyUser to complete information of the concept, for example insert a definition or a

  • reviewer which has PoolPartyAdmin role for review.

Click the Assign link to open the Update Workflow dialogue. You can then select an assignee and leave a note that describes the reason of assignment:

Step 3: Review

In the Workflow Dashboard you get an overview over concepts in status draft that are assigned to you. By default the My Draft Concepts section opens to display the concepts assigned to you.

Step 4: Approval / Rejection

Draft concepts can be approved 23900396.png or rejected 23900397.png by the reviewer. If a reviewed concept is rejected, a note for the next assigned user in the workflow can be added to provide information.

In addition, the reviewer has the possibility to reassign 23900398.png a draft concept to another user / reviewer, for example for clarification.

If the reviewer approves a draft concept, the concept is highlighted as approved 23900400.png.

Step 5: History

The workflow overview provides a direct link to the History of a concept. The history shows previous editing steps of the concept in question: