UnifiedViews DPU Migration from Version 7.0 Or Older to UnifiedViews DPU 8.0

We explain here how to update a UnifiedViews 7.0 or older DPU to make it work with UnifiedViews 8.0.

PoolParty 8.0 contains an architectural change. And UnifiedViews plugin API is affected by this release. Therefore, DPUs developed for UnifiedViews 7.x will no longer work in UnifiedViews 8 and need to be rebuilt with the new version of dependencies.

The primary dependency of a DPU is a POM dependency which in turn loads other dependencies:


To make it compatible with the UnifiedViews 8.x we just need to change the version of this dependency to the major version 8.0.0 and rebuild the DPU. Then it can be imported into UnifiedViews.


PoolParty 8.0 uses Java 11 so please make sure the DPU is built with JDK 11.