Access and Edit an Existing Search Index Engine

This section provides a short guide on how to configure an existing search index engine connection like Solr or ElasticSearch.


The available search index will depend on your licensing model, for PoolParty Basic and Advanced Server only Solr is available.

  1. After you have accessed the SMC, the Indices node inside the Systems node can be expanded.

  2. Click the Indices node and select the respective node of the index you want to change.

  3. The details of the configured connection will be listed on the right.

    • After you changed the settings, click Update to save them.

    • Clicking Delete will delete the whole configuration. PoolParty will ask you to confirm.

In the image below you see the default search index engine connection configuration (Solr).


Available Options

  • Name: enter the name of your choice for this configuration. UTF-8 characters are allowed.

  • URL: the URL for the server the index runs on, can be locally or remote.

  • Use Credentials: activate the check box, if you want to use alternative user credentials for remote access.

    • User Name - Password: enter the values for the credentials to be used.