Release Notes - PoolParty 8.0

This page contains the release notes for PoolParty Release 8.0 and for minor releases.

In the release notes you can find improvements and changes. Details on how to upgrade from your present version find here: PoolParty Upgrades


Full GraphDB Support

PoolParty fully supports Ontotext's GraphDB. This means that PoolParty has an E mbedded GrahphDB as its primary local store. It is shipped as an add-on module to PoolParty 8.0. The support of GraphDB as an external store has been extended as well. Now, features such as the Thesaurus Manager, GraphEditor, Corpus Analysis, GraphSearch, as well as the storage of PoolParty Extractor results are supported.

Collaborative Taxonomy Creation with PoolParty CardSorting

PoolParty CardSorting is a new, powerful and collaborative online tool for creating a PoolParty taxonomy from scratch. Domain experts without any prior semantic technology knowledge can take part in the PoolParty taxonomy creation process. It is available as an optional cloud service to all PoolParty customers.

Data Exploration with Poolparty GraphViews

PoolParty GraphViews is a significant enhancement to PoolParty's knowledge graph exploration tools. Its multi-view visualisation allows users to see concepts from different views: radial view, tree view and details view. Using GraphViews you will be able to understand a graph better and find ways to improve it and to enrich it.

Three view types are available here:

  • The radial view allows you to check where the relations of a concept are located in the graph from a hierarchical point of view, for multiple selected concepts at a time.

  • The tree view displays the SKOS hierarchy and the vicinity of a concept.

  • The details view focuses on one concept at a time showing all its data.

It is available as an optional service to all PoolParty customers.


Enhanced Ontology Editing

The ontology management has been extended with more editing capabilities: you can now edit class hierarchies, classes, relations, domain and range restrictions, and attributes, as well as data types in your custom ontology.

Extended Data Validation Feature

PoolParty supports knowledge graph generation by making full use of the extended PoolParty Data Validation feature. The former Import Assistant has been extended to a full-fledged Data Validator. PoolParty uses the extensive number of data validation types based on SKOS as well as the PoolParty reasoning system for imported and existing data. Indicate and repair inconsistencies on thesaurus level using the Data Validator, the former Import Assistant, which will report and move inconsistent data.

oAuth support in the PoolParty API

oAuth2 has been implemented for the PoolParty Extractor and can be used for extractor API calls.

Bug Fixes

Here is a list of bug fixes:

  • When a custom scheme was deleted, the remaining references could make the project unusable.

  • There has been a potential Cross-site scripting (XSS) issue on PoolParty Login page.

  • The alphabetical ordering of concepts in the Details View was incorrect.

  • In Linked Data, the Contact and About links were not working.

  • It was not possible to add aDate/Timeattribute value.

  • The GraphEditor could run into situations where it was not possible to create a Resource anymore.

  • In the GraphEditor no whitespace character was possible when adding a label.

  • When adding a SKOS label with a locale, the label was created the locale in lower case.

  • The Suggest Service was not returning the blacklisted concepts via Suggest Service API.

  • The Language tags with locale in custom attribute were not showing correctly.

  • Populating or editing a literal attribute without a language constraint caused the History not being displayed in the UI.

  • The Autocomplete search did not work in PoolParty projects where the main language was set to a variant of a main language (e.g. en-AU).

  • Custom Attribute information did not display in different language when the language is language plus country locale (e.g. en-AU).

  • Editing a text attribute caused the country-language codes to change to lowercase.

  • The Descriptionfield of Concept Schemes did not display text on multiple lines but only one a single line.

  • When adding a concept to an existing collection, the collection name did not appear in the dialogue.

  • RDF/XML export produced an invalid output.

API Changes and Improvements

PoolParty Thesaurus Server API (PPT)

  • /PoolParty/api/projects/create:

    Changed Response from JsonProject to ResponseEntity<JsonProject> and added status created. Changed admitted values of repositoryType from [native, memory] to [native, memory, memgraphdb, remote]and added relevant validation. Added defaulting to memgraphdb for users with an embedded GraphDB license. Added validation for repositoryType value to be remote when the remoteRepositoryIRI value is sent.

  • /PoolParty/api/corpusmanagement/{project}/create:

    Parameter repositoryUri is now required.

    In order to distinguish them from now the user should provide the IRI of the repository where to store the Corpus Data.