The PoolParty File

The configuration of the log output is done in the file that you find in these paths respectively:

  • Linux: /opt/poolparty/tomcat/lib

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\lib

In PoolParty in addition to the Tomcat default logging, log configurations are available for the following components:

  • RDF4j

    Project repositories, rdf4j.log

  • PoolParty Thesaurus server

    PPT, ppt.log

  • PoolParty Extractor

    PPX, ppx.log

  • PoolParty GraphSearch

    PPGS, ppgs.log

  • Spring

    Spring Framework, spring.log

    All messages regardingSpring Securityused for authentication and authorization in PoolParty.

  • Tuckey Forwarder

    Linked Data forwarder, tuckeyforwarder.log

For all configurations a log file is configured in the properties file. At the end of the properties file the log levels for all configurations are defined:

# Overwrite default log level and assign appenders for packages = WARN, SESAME = WARN, PPS = WARN, PPS = WARN, PPT = WARN, PPT = WARN, PPX = WARN, TUCKEY = WARN, SOLR

Possible Log Levels


  • INFO

  • WARN (Default)