Linked Data Frontend for Data Retrieval

As soon as a project is public (the user group 'Public' is assigned to a project) the Linked Data Frontend is available.

Typically projects are available in the Linked Data Frontend at the following URL pattern:

Linked Data Frontend URI pattern

http:// <base-URI>/<project-ID>/<resource-ID> <? optional query string parameters>
  • base-URI ... represents the base-URI defined for the project e.g.

  • project-ID ... represents the project identifier defined for the project e.g. semweb

  • resource-ID ... represents the unique identifier defined for the resource

PoolParty's Linked Data frontend can be used as a simple REST web service. It provides a resource oriented view of PoolParty data conforming to the LOD specification. URIs should not change and be hackable which means, human readable.

Example URI


Please follow the PoolParty Linked Data Frontend Template Guide to adapt the default Linked Data Frontend to your requirements.