Linked Data and Custom Scheme Publishing with PoolParty

Find out in this section how to publish your linked data or custom schemes with PoolParty.

PoolParty lets you publish projects, custom schemes and custom ontologies as linked data according to the linked data principles defined by W3C (see also: 'Linked Data Patterns' by Leigh Dodds and Ian Davis).

Publishing data can be an advantage since you are able to reuse it yourself in different projects. Additionally you can share published data with other departments in your enterprise or online.

Requirements for Publishing Linked Data

Details you find in these topics:


The whole Linked Data frontend is based on an MVC model and velocity templates. This makes it very easy to adapt the frontend to specific needs regarding content and layout.

If you are interested in customizing your frontend, you will find details in the developer guide: PoolParty Linked Data Frontend Template Guide


The Linked Data frontend is only available if a project is public (the user group 'Public' is assigned to a project).

To provide public availability of the created linked data, the defined base URL must exist and point to the PoolParty server.

You find details on the configuration of a web-server for linked data publishing in the Administrator Guide.

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

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