SKOS-XL with PoolParty - Overview

This section provides an overview of SKOS-XL as an extension to the SKOS recommendation and its use in PoolParty.

SKOS-XL as a Standard

SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) is a W3C recommendation that provides a 'simple' common data model for developing, linking and sharing knowledge graphs. Being 'simple' it has it's limits when it comes to expressing more in-depth information around the labels or terms in your knowledge graph. This is where SKOS-XL (SKOS eXtension for Labels) comes in.

It is an additional recommendation 'extending' SKOS and providing a lot more possibilities to create complex knowledge graphs by linking labels among each other. Thus you can relate them to your concepts in different ways and provide more information around them.

SKOS-XL Functions in PoolParty

SKOS-XL will furnish additional functions for your taxonomy and ontology management. Thus creating data inside projects and from open source online databases can be far more complex and fruitful.

The following functions are available, when SKOS-XL is enabled:

  • With the add-on SKOS-XL, SKOS labels can become resources (SKOS-XL labels).

  • You can now create relations between labels and labels and concepts, where before you could only create relations among concepts.

  • Labels can have specific attributes, such as ‘isISOcode'.

  • Labels can be used in multiple concepts, which helps to keep a taxonomy even better structured and informative.

In order to use SKOS-XL in PoolParty to advantage, refer to the following sections in PoolParty documentation:


In order to be able to use the SKOS-XL function in PoolParty you need the SKOS-XL add-on. It is available for PoolParty Advanced Server bundle and higher.

Converting a SKOS into a SKOS-XL label is part of the chapter on editing concepts, so please refer to: .Convert Concept Preferred Labels to SKOS-XL Labels v5