PoolParty Project Modules

PoolParty project data is segmented into different graphs. Those named graphs are reflected by module names that can be used for different project related services for example in these methods:

Web Service Method: Export and Download Project Data or Web Service Method: Import Project Data

Module name



This graph contains the data for concepts, concept schemes, collections and skos-xl labels.


This graph contains the workflow data (state, assignee) for concepts or skos-xl labels.

See also: Approval Workflow


This graph contains the history data for all poolparty actions.

See also: PoolParty History


This graph contains the data concepts that where introduced via Web Service Method: Suggest Concept.


This graph contains metadata for the project e.g. number of concepts, creation date etc.


This graph contains adms information for the project: Project Data Stored as ADMS Graph.

ADMS is a vocabulary to describe semantic assets see also https://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-adms/


This graph contains candidate concepts that can be found using the corpus analysis. See also Candidate Concepts List.


This graph contains SPARQL Lists.

These are lists that are created using a SPARQL query e.g. when a user create a translation list, then a SPARQL list is created


This graph contains the information of deprecated (deleted) concepts.

See also: Deleting Concepts & Subtrees


This graph contains the data for skos notes.

See also: Adding Notes to your Concepts


Every linked data source has their own graph. The DBpedia graphs are named for example: http://en.dbpedia.org/, http://de.dbpedia.org , etc.

See also: Linked Data Enrichment with PoolParty


Data of users involved in the project.