Create New Project Based on Tabular Import

This section contains a short guide on how to create a new project based on tabular files or tables such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or CSV.

PoolParty supports tabular files such as CSV and table-based files such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a source for new projects and to update existing thesauri. For more details, go to PoolParty Excel Import & Export - Overview topic.


Make sure that your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is compliant with the guidelines of PoolParty Excel format.

In order to create a project based on a CSV file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet,:

  1. Click on PROJECT and select Create Project.

  2. Click Create New Project Based on Tabular Import in the Create Project dialogue,

  3. Define the information and functions in your new project in the New Project dialogue. The Title field is mandatory.

  4. Click Next.

    You can find details on the Metadata tab and the dialogue's tabs in Project Details.

  5. Click Create Project.

    PoolParty also opens it in the background. In the foreground, theTabular Import dialogue is displayed.

  6. ClickChoose File to open the tabular file in the Tabular Import dialogue.



    You can find more details on the Enable Updates option here: Add Data via Excel and on the Data Validator (optional, active by default) here: PoolParty Data Validator).

  7. Click Import. PoolParty validates the data.

  8. Save the results.