Control PoolParty's Built-in Solr server (Linux)

You can control PoolParty's built in Solr instance by means of the solr control script located at/opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty.

It is very straightforward to use:

  1. Log in to a shell on the PoolParty host, for example by using SSH.

  2. If necessary, assume the identity of the root user:

    sudo -i
  3. Enter the command for the action you want to be performed, for example for starting PoolParty's built-in Solr server:

    /opt/poolparty/bin/solr start

Supported Commands and Operations

The following commands can be processed:

  • start

    Starts PoolParty's built in Solr server.

  • stop

    Stops PoolParty's built in Solr server savely.

  • status

    Checks if PoolParty's built in Solr server is running.

You can also hook this script into your system's init sequence in order to be executed after it finished booting up to start PoolParty automatically.