Administrator Guide

This administrator and developers guide is intended for system administrators, who are responsible for installing, maintaining, and supporting the server deployment of the PoolParty Semantic Suite.

System administrators should have the following recommended knowledge and skill sets:

  • Knowledge about the operating system on which PoolParty is installed (i.e. a Linux distribution)

  • JEE application servers, especially Apache Tomcat

The PoolParty - Administrator Guide includes the following parts:


The PoolParty Thesaurus Manager uses the Sesame RDF store as a main store for its projects, which outperforms other graph databases in most types of queries in the 1 million triple range (which is more than enough for regular thesaurus projects) and can store more than 70 million triples (see Berlin SPARQL benchmark tests). In PoolParty you can manage thesauri as large as the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), which has 340.000 concepts. Indexing of documents has been tested with over 350.000 abstracts of scientific papers.