Release Notes - PoolParty 7.2.2 - Minor & Bug-Fix Release

Bug Fixes

  • Importing a previously exported PoolParty project in RDF format, where contributor and a user's full name including spaces are identical, would result in error messages and unusable metadata as well as inaccessible User Management page. This issue has been fixed.

  • The count of labels in the project metadata section, for labels with a lower case locale tag, was incorrect. This is working as expected again now.

  • The custom scheme tab in a PoolParty project, once the scheme is enabled, lets you drag and drop concepts onto the relations sections in there. For narrower concepts in a project this had only worked for a narrower concept dragged onto the first relation in the column of relations of a custom scheme.The issue has been fixed as of this release.

  • In projects with more languages than English, using the Add icon for narrower relations, autocomplete in the consecutive dialogue would not work. The feature is working again as expected.

  • In Workflow Management, in the Deprecated Concepts section, the icons for calling the concept's history or suggesting such a concept, did not work. The issue has been fixed now.

  • Error messages for integrating suggested concepts in Workflow Management on domain violations were unclear and have been improved upon as of this version.