Linked Data Management - Overview

PoolParty offers new and comfortable ways to publish your projects as Linked Data to the Semantic Web and to enrich your concepts with additional facts from the Semantic Web.

You can also link them to similar concepts published in the Linked Open Data Cloud (LOD cloud).

The following topics provide more details on how to use the Linked Data functionality in PoolParty:

Linking and Searching Enterprise Data with PoolParty: What Is Linked Data?

Linked Data is a generic term for any data sources you can link to or from inside PoolParty, the data being based on RDF. As an enterprise these days one of the most significant aspects of daily work is managing data, reusing it and making it available quickly in complex contexts. PoolParty offers the tools you need for that.

PoolParty's linked data functionality is a highly versatile way of making your enterprise data easily accessible by building on your knowledge graph, the PoolParty thesaurus. Additionally collaboration with others inside and outside your organization or enterprise becomes a breeze.

You can use open data sources on the internet or link to restricted ones easily. PoolParty's thesaurus manager lets enrich your thesaurus, in other words your knowledge model, around specific knowledge domains. You can publish the data you created and linked inside PoolParty for others. Use the linked data to create and mimic search applications based on you thesaurus and enriched knowledge models.

Special about linked data is the fact that you do not have to store the data anywhere. You just link to or from it and still can use huge resources of data to support your work.

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

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