Working with the PoolParty GraphEditor

This section provides a short introduction on the PoolParty GraphEditor and how to work with this feature.

The GraphEditor feature is a state-of-the-art possibility to edit graphs stored in RDF format right inside the PoolParty interface. You will learn in this section how to access the function, create graph editors, how and where to configure them and delete them.

The options at your disposal are multifaceted but are part of the main Hierarchy Tree of a PoolParty project.

In order to work with this feature to advantage, we recommend that you are familiar with the basic principles and have set up functions that are related to this topic, such as: the Display Triples, the Semantic Middleware Configurator - External Graph Databases and the terminology that is related to Concept Schemes and Ontologies. For more, see: Ontology Management.

The following topics will guide you through this section:

  • Setting Up and Removing Graph Editors — This section provides details on prerequisites and on how to set up graph editors in PoolParty.

  • GraphEditor Configuration — In this section you find all details on the configuration options, namely the Metadata tab and the Configuration tab.GraphEditor Configuration

    • GraphEditor - Metadata Tab — In the GraphEditor Metadata tab, find all information pertaining to the respective graph editor. In this section you find a short overview of what you will see there.GraphEditor - Metadata Tab

    • GraphEditor - Configuration Tab — This section contains a guide on the Configuration tab in a PoolParty graph editor and its child tabs and the available options and settings there.GraphEditor - Configuration Tab