Opening a PoolParty Project

This section contains a short guide on how to open an existing PoolParty project.

To open an existing PoolParty project:

  1. Go to PROJECT.

  2. Open Project. You can see a list of existing projects with additional information such as Title, Repository, Creator, Created and Last Modification.

  3. Select a project in the list or use Searchto look for a specific project. You can also sort projects by Last Modification date.

  4. Click Open Project.



After opening a PoolParty Project project, PoolParty checks if the data is valid.


The Last Modification date only changes when you modify the actual PoolParty project data, such as creating, deleting, merging concepts, or setting broader/narrower relations. The Last Modification date does not change if you only modify the project metadata information, such as editing the  details e.g. the User Groups, or changing the Snapshot configuration.